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Tunneler(s); Twenty Years Later

I’m not much of a gamer, so it’s not really my field to write about this but I handled tunneler pretty well, back in the day. I found out that Tunnelers has been released yesterday as a 3D MMO action shooter, as they say. It’s basically a tank tunneling through ground and shooting things. In 3D. Against, not one, but many other tunnelers. Watching the promo video, I must say, it looks pretty cool.

My understanding is that the game itself requires a downloadable client. I didn’t find the specifications for system requirements on their site, though. Looking further, I learned that the game requires Windows, of course. My point being is that as pretty as the 3d visual effects and loud explosions are, I don’t think that this game will bring me so much fun as playing the original Tunneler had, back in 1991.

Perhaps future really is HTML5, even for some games. Mozilla proved that with their Browserquest few days ago. I had great experience playing that tiny little game and it didn’t require me to download or setup anything. Playing original Tunneler build upon that very technology, I would have a blast. I can only imagine. Hopefully, more browser games will be released soon.

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo

Well this is something creative, for this #tgif time, worth sharing. I like to browse “What’s Hot” section on Google+ from time to time. This incredible ads by Lego caught my eyes. There is more in the post on G+ via +Ads of the World.

So I Have Moved…

So I have moved my blog. Change was quite trivial. Move the application from my root domain to a subdomain. Easy. Or not?

I must say it was quite painful. I expected an easy switch, considering small amount of content, but I came across some interesting and unexpected difficulties. I was aware of some of them, others surprised me.

I don’t consider myself a blogger, just because I have a blog. Few articles here and there. That’s it. My weapon of choice is Wordpress. Was it a smart choice, or was it a choice at all? Are there many options if you are looking for solid blogging platform on standard LAMP configuration? I don’t think so. At least I haven’t found anything I would be comfortable using.

Plan A) Just move the damn thing to another directory

I know moving blogs is not an everyday routine but I don’t get why it is not as easy as that. Wordpress stores absolute links to its post and pages, including hostname, in the database. Why? Just so you will need to go straight to MySQL and search for your host and replace the string with your new host when moving elsewhere. When I am developing for Wordpress on my localhost I just export the SQL dump and then insert it to the remote server. After replacing the hostnames, of course. Usually works.

Problem occurred when I tried to redirect old links from my previous location to the subdomain. Blog started to redirect back and forth for some reason.

Plan B) Start fresh; I needed an update, so I will try that

Original version was back at its old place. I found function for exporting the content inside the admin’s Tools section. Okay, there were no media included in the single XML file but I will deal with this later. New version uploaded to the new location. Fresh install, pretty easy. Just needed to import the damn XML and then I will do something about those media files. Wait, there is no function for importing the previously exported data? Of course not! There vere several options for installing a plugin for that but I don’t have energy and time left for that!

Plan C) GOTO Plan A and figure out what went wrong there

Thankfully I havent damaged my original copy, database including. To this day I don’t have any idea why the blog (or htaccess from the main domain) was redirecting to /index.cphp but I accomplished what I wanted somehow after few more tries. Htaccess redirects needed some fixes to work properly like I wanted it to, not fighting with new homepage, but I guess I have accomplished what I wanted.

I am stucked with my old Wordpress version for now. With my unfinished template. I just can’t force myself to deal with this thing right now. At least I wrote something. I am pretty sure there are more efficient ways to do what I wanted. This thing is just not my cup of tea…

Slick CSS Logos & Icons

This is just amazing presentation of famous logos done purely with CSS. If it is not enough, there are few supporting, again, no-JavaScript-only-CSS animations. If this is still not enough, check this slick iOS icons gallery. Again, done only by using pure CSS. Sad thing, though, is that it currently works only in Gecko (tested in Chrome and Safari) browsers. Firefox, catch up! And the rest… whatever.

Reactive Documents With Tangle

I came across very interesting plugin for creating reactive documents. I like it’s unobtrusive but very flexible at the same time. Perhaps you can achieve the same effect with the form elements but who would want to use that, right? You should definitely check it out.

Clickable Map Of Europe

Yesterday I stumbled across a tutorial for pure non-flash solution to clickable map of Europe. It takes advantage of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and amazing Raphael.js JavaScript library. Check it out yourself.

Pretty Cool CSS3 Stuff & More

Very interesting article came out today on Smashing Magazine about new CSS3 techniques and tools. Everybody knows it will take a while this will be implemented and supported by all the major browsers (and those old ones will finally be left behind, for good) but it is nice to know what ahead of us. Image above is a snapshot of CSS3 Patterns Gallery.

CSS Apple Keyboard

Well, here goes a crazy one. Pure CSS Apple keyboard. Actually it runs a bit of JavaScript for some more action. Check it out yourself. (via noxxten.com)

Pure CSS 3D Text

Found very interesting 3D Text experiment over at markdotto.com. Looks cool and it’s editable. Try it for yourself. (via markdotto.com)

Pure CSS Progress Bar

Amazing idea. Excellent execution. Beautiful CSS animations. Very well done. (via http://ivan.ly/ui/)